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Used for passing through obstacles where there is a gap between the bar and ground or between two or more rails.


Les Chaussures Sketchers D'athlétisme La Brun Cuir Sport De Dentelle There are two main variants of the Underbar, ‘Straight’ and ‘Reverse’.

Dentelle La Les Sport Sketchers Brun Cuir De Chaussures D'athlétisme STRAIGHT UNDERBAR
D'athlétisme Cuir Les Sketchers Sport La De Dentelle Brun Chaussures
Ideally try and find a bar that has a small drop on one side. You can approach the bar from either side.

> As you approach the bar you step off one foot while launching the other through the space you wish to send your body through.

> The take off foot is brought up to the same place as the launched leg.

Cuir Chaussures Sketchers Sport La Les Dentelle D'athlétisme Brun De > Reach forward for the bar with the hands. At this point you should almost look like you are sitting straight legged in the air, reaching for the bar.

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> As you grasp the bar immediately begin to pull yourself through the gap.

> As you pull through: lay back so the upper torso and head can pass through the gap without hitting the bar.

> Direct the legs upwards to allow your back side to clear the bottom of the obstacle.

> Once the body is clear of the obstacle, release the hands and run off.

Depending on the obstacle your feet may contact the ground before you release the hands, sometimes you may get some free fall, either way is ok. Experimentation will reveal which obstacles will require different techniques.

In this variation you approach the gap head first. Find an area where there is a small drop on the other side of the rail.

Cuir Les Chaussures La Brun Dentelle De Sport Sketchers D'athlétisme > Approach the rail from the side with the drop, reach forward for the bar.

> If you reach the obstacle with the right foot leading, cross arms, with the Right underneath the left. Right hand palm facing towards you, left hand palm facing away. Or vice versa if the left food leads.

> Pull yourself upwards through the gap. Pull your chest towards the bar as you do so your body will unwind, leaving you facing the way you came from.

Cuir La Dentelle Sport Chaussures Brun D'athlétisme De Sketchers Les > As you reach this point drive the right knee up and around the body so as you continue to twist around, place the left foot on the ground and release the left hand, this will place the body in a position to continue travelling in the correct direction.

> Take note of the right arm in this picture. It is raised like that to give support when pulling the body up and around.

De Chaussures La Sketchers Brun Dentelle Les Sport D'athlétisme Cuir > As your body comes around to face the correct direction release the trailing hand and run.


Some methods of building up to the Franchissement between two rails are:

Start with just putting your feet on the bottom rail first then pulling yourself through rather than going straight through. Then try to get your feet through until you are sitting on it. This gets your body familiar with the position it has to be in. From there onwards it’s just about committing to the obstacle.

A few other things you could try until you get your confidence up are entering at an angle, this gives more clearance for your legs to go through more sideways. Also start with wider and lower rails.

Another handy trick that you could use is the Duct tape/Occy strap method; find a bar roughly about head height with little or nothing underneath it (gymnastics bars are ideal). Use a line of duct tape or similar to simulate the bottom of the gap. Start with a big gap and get progressively smaller.

Train both sides for the reverse underbar.

Increase speed.

Decrease gap sizes.

Increase height up to the underbar.

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